The cold temperatures weren’t the only thing freezing the diag today.

The sixth annual Diag Freeze took place today, from 11:32 a.m. to 11:37 a.m.

Participants were asked to come to the diag and set two alarms on their phones, one for 11:32 and one for 11:37. When the first alarm buzzes, they must freeze like statues in a position of their choosing. Then, when the second alarm buzzes, they are to unfreeze and carry on as if nothing happened.

Watch a video of the freeze here. 

This event is put on every year by DoRAK at the University of Michigan.  The students organizing this event hoped that it would be bigger and better than in years past.

This year we’re looking for more people, more creative poses, and a great time all around. It takes YOU to make this the best FREEZE this campus, or any campus, has ever seen!” reads a post on the event’s Facebook page.

Colleen Doran, a sophomore studying dental hygiene, attended the Diag Freeze with four of her friends.  She said she admired the creativity of the event and appreciated how different people expressed their individuality.

“It was cool!” she said.  “A lot of people had good ideas such as the light sabers, building a snowman, etc. We were wishing we got more creative. It would’ve been nice for a bigger turnout but I think the snow may have deterred people. But students were taking videos and smiling which is nice especially around midterms.”

According to the Facebook page, 73 people were planning to attend the Diag Freeze, with an additional 278 interested in the event.

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