Before kickoff at the Michigan-Michigan State football game this Saturday, Clinton campaign supporters at the rival schools will compete to recruit volunteers, according to a press release from the campaign.

They will also compete to get more votes for their football team through a text message competition.

Prior to the noon game in East Lansing, supporters from both schools will canvass tailgates in support of Clinton, encouraging Wolverines and Spartans to engage in the political process. Organizers from the Michigan Democratic Coordinated Campaign will lead the event.

As part of the text message competition, Michigan fans will be encouraged to text “BeatMSU” to the number 47246, while Spartan fans will text “BeatUM” to the same number. In doing so, they will receive information about the campaign and learn about opportunities to get involved, while also supporting their football team.

LSA senior Taiwo Dosunmu, communications chair of the University of Michigan’s chapter of College Democrats, said the Clinton campaign has been using text messaging initiatives to foster civic participation throughout the election cycle.

“Students these days, especially on game day, aren’t sitting around on their computers,” he said. “They’re out and about. Being able to get involved in the campaign using mobile technology — something as simple as a text message — really helps make things easy. It’s literally as easy as typing 12 characters into your phone, and you can be connected with the campaign instantly.”

Dosunmu also said the competitiveness between the schools helps fuel participation and enthusiasm.

“Whenever you get schools competing, it just helps motivate people,” he said. “I think that’s an encouraging factor.”

The joint effort from the two chapters of College Democrats is a yearly event, but Michigan State University senior Dan Eggerding, president of MSU’s chapter of College Democrats, said this year will be particularly exciting as it is an election year.

“Last year it was a little more informal and more for the students,” he said. “This year it’ll be more geared toward getting students involved in the political process itself because there are actually candidates there. It’s just more engaging.”

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