Wednesday, Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D–Mich.) announced that the University of Michigan would be receiving a $2,565,643 research grant from the National Science Foundation to develop statistical tools that will reduce the cost of analyzing big data and metadata, which is data that describes another data.

“The University of Michigan is leading the way on research related to metadata and the analytic opportunities contained within it,” Dingell said in her press release. “This NSF funding will help create tools to capture data transformations from statistical analysis packages, create efficiencies and reduce the cost of data collection.” 

The research grant will mainly support two fields — social/behavioral sciences and Earth observation sciences — that routinely analyze metadata and heavily use statistical analysis software. However, the developed tools will be useful to other research fields as well.

The NSF, created in 1950, is a federal agency dedicated to the promotion of scientific, health and national defense research. It funds approximately 24 percent of all federally-supported basic research — such as mathematics, computer science and social sciences — and awards about 12,000 new grants every year to colleges and universities in the United States.

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