University of Michigan Greek life organizations participated in their annual Winterfest broomball tournament this weekend. According to MLive, $110,000 was raised for the Autism Alliance of Michigan, almost doubling last year’s $60,000. 

In a bracket-style tournament, fraternities and sororities faced off in a 2,800-square-foot ice rink in Pi Kappa Alpha’s backyard. In broomball, players use plastic broom-shaped sticks and boots on the ice following typical hockey rules. 

Donations were raised online and through local sponsorships prior to the tournament. More than $87,000 of this year’s funds were raised through online fundraising drives.

Previous Winterfest competitions had a smaller amount of participating organizations. This year, organizations were sorted into the bracket by the amount they raised beforehand. Engineering junior Conner Roach, an Alpha Sigma Phi brother, said in an MLive interview the decision to include all Greek life organizations both increased the amount of fundraising and the competition.

“In the past, it was the same teams who had previously been in it competing against each other,” he said. “By inviting all of the fraternities and sororities to compete through fundraising, I think it really added to the competition. I think expanding the tournament, fighting for spots in the tournament and being able to see where each of them stood online really sparked that competition.”

President and CEO of Autism Alliance of Michigan Colleen Allen, a nonprofit based in Southfield promotes education and community awareness on autism, told MLive Winterfest shows the public all of the good work that comes out of University Greek life.

“I think it’s the best example of the good that Greek life can do,” Allen said. “For me, it’s such a great example of the charitable work that comes out of Greek life.” 

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