Local police are warning residents of Washtenaw County to be wary of phone calls from people claiming to be police officers, after two people reported receiving calls from a “Lieutenant Henderson,” supposedly from the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office, demanding money and personal information from them.

The University of Michigan Division of Public Safety and Security posted a tweet instructing people who received similar calls to hang up and record the number they received the call from.

Derrick Jackson, the Director of Community Engagement for the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office, said the caller would tell people they had unpaid fees or outstanding balances in an attempt to get money from them.

“In one case they said ‘You missed jury duty, you have to pay us a certain amount of money,’ and in the other, they asked a whole bunch of questions about a summons,” Jackson said. “So it’s just issues related to not taking care of something related to law enforcement or the criminal justice system and then demanding that he be paid over the phone.”

Apart from telling them the recipients of the calls they had unpaid fees, Jackson noted, the perpetrator didn’t seem to have a particular strategy.

“They were trying to get information from the individual but also trying to get payment,” he said. “I think they were just trying to get payment in any way they could.”


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