In a move taken straight out of the “Parks and Recreation” playbook, the Michigan Secretary of State rolled out a cool and hip rap video featuring Secretary of State Ruth Johnson and Roo — a kangaroo — in order to advertise the Secretary of State’s website,

The website is intended to save Michigan residents a trip to the Secretary of State’s office, offering services like renewing vehicle registrations, replacing a driver’s license and updating personal information.

Johnson’s rap emphasizes that “nobody has time to lose and that time to lose is such old news”. Instead of getting in line, Johnson says, we should follow the example of Roo, and hop online. And, in what seems to be an homage to the Sugar Hill Gang’s song “Rapper’s Delight,” Johnson instructs the audience to “bang bang your keyboard to the ‘boogiest’ of beats.”

The video is a combination of clips of Johnson speaking, whether to the camera or in public, and several other non sequitur stock videos, including a man playing golf, an airplane taking off and people riding a roller coaster.

Though in the video Johnson claims to be “rapping to the beat,” the song can’t be described as anything other than rather unpleasant, or just bizarre.

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