President Donald Trump’s presidency is considered illegitimate by 57 percent of young adults, according to a poll conducted by GenForward

Among those who were surveyed, a slight majority of white voters age 18 to 30 found Trump’s presidency to be legitimate. However, within that group, 55 percent said they disapprove of his efforts as president.

The poll, administered by a research group from the University of Chicago, also found that within the group of 18 to 30 year olds polled, only 22 percent approve of the job Trump is doing as president, while 62 percent disapproved.

These numbers have been reflected on the University of Michigan’s predominantly Democratic-leaning campus. During the election season, surveys by The Michigan Daily showed approximately 70 percent of students supported Clinton over Trump or other third-party candidates. Additionally, following the election, there have been multiple protests pushing back against Trump’s presidency.

At a vigil immediately following the election, University President Mark Schlissel encouraged students to stand up against hatred.

“Ninety percent of you rejected the kind of hate and the fractiousness and the longing for some kind of idealized version of a non-existent yesterday that was expressed during the campaign,” Schlissel said in November. “So I urge you, continue your advocacy and your voices are already being heard. They are loud and clear — this is the way America changes. It’s the way it always changes. It’s the way it will change for the better.”

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