Central Student Government discussed resolutions calling on the University to bolster their support for Ukraine and create a disability cultural center at their hybrid meeting Tuesday night. They also spoke about a proposed ballot question to add a sustainability requirement to graduate with a U-M degree. 

The assembly first unanimously confirmed LSA junior Hailey Kozuchowski as Independent Special Prosecutor, making her responsible for investigating and prosecuting future election violations. 

The assembly then unanimously passed resolution AR 11-066, which calls on the University to establish a disability cultural center. The University recently allocated a space in the Michigan Union to Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) as an extension of their office in Haven Hall, which the resolution suggests be used as the site for this center. LSA freshman Olivia O’Connell expressed the importance of creating such a space at the University, as well as what this space should look like.

“Creating a disability cultural center allows students with disabilities to have a place to go to come together and to learn from each other about their identity,” O’Connell said. “It can be very challenging to experience discrimination and ableism. To have a place to go, I know from my personal experience, would be super helpful.” 

The assembly also unanimously passed resolution AR 11-068, which asked the University to strengthen its support for Ukrainian and Ukrainian-American students and to divest from Russian-based or -affiliated companies and industries. LSA senior Vincent Pinti, a co-sponsor of the resolution, acknowledged Interim University President Mary Sue Coleman’s statement in support of Ukraine but said it was not enough. 

“Based on the conversations that I’ve had with (Professor Eugene Bondarenko) and Ukrainian student organizations, they do not believe this statement does enough to signal the University’s support and commitment to them,” Pinti said. “(It is of) an extreme urgency to turn out support for Ukrainian-American and Ukrainian students during this time of emergency.”

The assembly then discussed a proposal for a non-binding ballot question on the CSG executive election ticket that would gauge student support for adding a sustainability education degree requirement. Student organizations focused on sustainability have been considering this idea prior to its introduction at the CSG meeting. In a Feb 16 meeting of various environmental advocacy student groups, they discussed a suggestion to add a sustainability module to student orientation. LSA sophomore Meera Herle spoke on the necessity of considering this addition to the curriculum. 

“This question was born out of a concern of many environmental advocacy groups on campus that our current education surrounding sustainability is really lacking,” Herle said. “What we’re trying to do is gather student opinions on if they would be willing to add an additional requirement to their degree around sustainability education and aptitude.” 

Daily News Contributor Samantha Rich can be reached at sammrich@umich.edu.