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The University of Michigan’s Central Student Government discussed allocating money to sexual assault awareness efforts and upcoming CSG elections at their Tuesday night meeting. CSG also passed a resolution that prohibits sponsors from reporting on their resolutions. 

In the hybrid meeting, CSG members talked about the recent protests against the University’s handling of sexual assault allegations against late University athletic doctor Robert Anderson. Survivors of Anderson’s abuse and their supporters have been camping outside of University President Mark Schlissel’s house to call attention to the history of sexual violence on campus and demand that the University properly acknowledge the survivors. 

While Schlissel has acknowledged survivors at Board of Regents meetings, the survivors are asking for a more formal conversation to take place.

At last week’s CSG meeting, members approved a resolution condemning the University administration’s handling of the allegations and pledging support for the survivors. 

During the meeting, one student brought up the issue of safety with regards to the protests, saying that part of the reason she was hesitant to join the protest was that she would feel uncomfortable spending the night in a tent with people she does not know well. 

Emma Sandberg, CSG Ford School Assembly Representative and Public Policy senior, explained how the resolution hopes to address these concerns. 

“Part of the reason why we would like to provide funding for additional tents (is) because there are people who don’t feel comfortable sharing a tent with other people, and especially for out-of-state students who don’t have a tent at home that they can pick up and bring to campus… That’s something we’d like to address in our resolution,” Sandberg said. 

Members also talked about allocating funding to the cause of sexual assault awareness and prevention in the form of reimbursements and supplies for the Anderson protests. The call to organize a task force for the protests was also brought up. 

CSG Vice President and Engineering junior Carla Voigt said she was uncertain about the need for a task force given the fact that CSG’s Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Survivor Empowerment Commission already exists. 

“At the very core of this whole thing, I really care about the issues that we’re talking about, and I want them to be the best that they possibly can be,” Voigt said. “I do worry if there was a task force that was the same as a commission that was on exec, there would be that repeat work.” 

Additionally, CSG members addressed the upcoming CSG elections on Nov. 17 and Nov. 18. Currently, there are 32 candidates running to fill 17 seats. 

On Nov. 10 and Nov. 17, CSG said they planned to send out an all-campus email as well as an email to all student organizations to encourage voter turnout. 

Due to staffing issues, there will only be polling sites on the Central Campus Diag. According to CSG, public health guidelines will be followed at the stations, and voters can receive an “I Voted” sticker and a donut. 

After discussing the CSG elections, members introduced a resolution that would bar sponsors of resolutions from delivering reports on those respective resolutions to the assembly. LSA senior Vincent Pinti, CSG Representative and Resolutions Chair, questioned the need for such a resolution. 

“Where is the need coming from for this resolution?” Pinti asked. “Do you believe there is bias currently?”

Law student Deborah Rookey, chair of the Ethics Committee, said she thought it was unrealistic for sponsors not to want to discuss their resolutions. 

“I think that’s honestly human nature to say, ‘These are good things I think about my resolution,’” Rookey said. “You’re just going to be talking about it from your own perspective, and I think that your own perspective is going to be, ‘I like this resolution because I wrote it.’” 

The resolution ultimately passed, with twelve CSG members in favor of its passage and five members in opposition. 

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