On Wednesday morning, Diane Brown, Division of Public Safety and Security spokeswoman, said the Ann Arbor Police Department responded to two robberies near campus and a fireworks complaint.

Ann Arbor Lieutenant Lyle Sartori later confirmed this information in a phone interview.

“The whole thing kicked off around 12:20 this morning,” Sartori said. “We got a call of a robbery on Arch near Packard. We had officers dispatched out there. Somebody was walking down the street and was robbed. About five minutes later we had a second call.”

Sartori said the second call was also regarding a person walking near Hill St. and was robbed. Around 30 minutes later, there was a third call alleging gunshots closest to the area of the second incident, off Forest Ct.

“We were almost immediately able to verify those were fireworks,” Sartori said of the third incident.

Sartori confirmed no one was injured in any of the incidents and that officers are continuing to patrol both areas.

“(There are) no suspects in custody at this time and officers are pursuing the investigation.”

Sartori also stated there were no details regarding the suspect at this time, and it cannot be confirmed or denied that the two robbery incidents are connected.

Sartori said he wanted the information to be released as social media allegations caused students and locals to believe the situation was in relation to an active shooter.


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