New details emerged Monday in the alleged domestic violence case involving former Michigan football player Jourdan Lewis. 

The Daily submitted a FOIA request for the police report of the incident which took place the morning of March 15, when Lewis’s girlfriend called 911 and alleged Lewis assaulted her following a dispute at the couple’s shared apartment. Police interviewed Lewis — who was not present at the time they arrived at the scene — before filing the report.

Later that day, the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office entered a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence against Lewis. That Thursday, he was arraigned in court and entered a not guilty plea.

According to the report, the argument began when Lewis’ girlfriend returned home to the apartment — which the two shared — and “found Lewis asleep in bed with the lights on,” at which point she and Lewis “got into a heated argument about the light being left on and who pays the bills.”

The report said Lewis threw two pillows and a blanket at the woman, and she asked him for an apology. He refused, according to the report, before calling her names and entering a closet.

Then, according to the report, things escalated to physical violence. Lewis “dragged the woman across the living room floor” and “grabbed her by the neck and held her down on the floor for about three seconds,” according to the report.

When Lewis was questioned by police later that day, he gave a different version of what happened. According to the report, Lewis acknowledged the argument, saying that the woman “would not leave him alone and kept telling him … to apologize for not turning off the light.”

However, the report says Lewis told police he entered the closet and attempted to dress himself before the woman opened the door and hit him in the face. Lewis then told police he tried to leave but could not because the woman “kept wrapping her body around his legs to prevent him from going.” When asked whether he grabbed her by the throat, Lewis said “he may have grabbed it while trying to get her off him,” but that he hadn’t meant to hurt her.

The report stated neither weapons nor alcohol were found at the scene.

Lewis’s next court appearance is scheduled for April 12.

This story has been updated with information obtained from the Daily’s FOIA request of the incident. Continue to check for updates.

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