Ann Arbor police have stated that Shams Tabriz, the 30-year-old man convicted of sexually assaulting a student inside Landmark on May 6, most likely skipped bond and left the country earlier this week.

Tabriz, who posted his $20,000 bond, did not attend his probable cause hearing in 14A-1 District Court on May 18. He was arraigned on charges of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, first-degree home invasion and two counts of assault and battery on May 9.

He is a citizen of both Canada and Bangladesh, and police were said to have possession of his passports at the time of the hearing.

Ann Arbor police Lt. Detective Matthew Lige said police have reasonable cause to believe that Tabriz is currently in Canada yet cannot comment further on the investigation due to its open status.

“All indications are that Tabriz fled into Canada in the early morning of the day of this probable cause conference,” he said. “Detectives are working with federal authorities to confirm his whereabouts. This is an open investigation. I cannot provide any further details at this time.”

Judge Richard Conlin issued a bench warrant when Tabriz failed to show up to the hearing.

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