Ann Arbor resident Dayna Bosley, who was chased last Thursday across the Diag by the Ann Arbor Police Department, has been charged for unarmed robbery and resisting arrest, according to online records from the 15th District Court.

Along with three counts of resisting, obstructing or assaulting police, Bosley, 18, was charged with two counts of unarmed robbery and one assault charge from late February. According to the Ann Arbor Police Department, Bosley reportedly worked with two other accomplices in assaulting and robbing a local man behind the Bell Tower Hotel.

Since the February robbery, a federal warrant was out for Bosley’s arrest until he was detained last week on the Diag. AAPD first spotted Bosley on South State Street and chased him across the Diag. Before he could make it to the Hatcher Graduate Library, officers tased and then apprehended Bosley.

In a previous article, AAPD Lt. Matthew Lige said officers had to make sure the suspect didn’t enter Hatcher for public safety concerns.

“One of our concerns was when he took off running, he took off running on the Diag and we believed that his intent was to go in the (Hatcher) Graduate Library,” he said. “And obviously we did not want him to go in the Graduate Library for a number of reasons.”

A police car swerving to avoid pedestrians knocked over a lamppost during the chase. According to MLive, two officers, including the one who hit the post, were injured.

Bosley will stand trial on March 30 for a probable cause hearing and on April 6 for a preliminary examination. Bail is set at $10,000 for the robbery case and 10 percent of $10,000 for the resisting arrest charges.


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