On Tuesday, Troy District Judge Kirsten Nielsen Hartig ordered a forensic examination in the case of LSA junior Nayir Masrur, according to a report from The Detroit News. Masrur, an economics major, is accused of using a 15-pound dumbbell to murder his aunt, Rubab Huq. The Troy police department charged him with first-degree murder on Nov. 14. He has pleaded not guilty and is currently being held without bond.

On Nov. 12, Masrur’s mother called thepolice to report her son was missing and in an agitated state. Police found Masrur at Huq’s home, where they say he jumped from a second-story window and fled on foot. Huq was found dead in the basement of the home.

If convicted, Masrur faces life in prison. According to the Detroit News, Masrur’s attorney, Paul Stablein, said Masrur did not intend to hurt his aunt and was not fully aware of his situation. Assistant prosecuting attorney Rob Novy agreed with Stablein that a forensic exam is needed to determine if Masrur can assist in his own defense.

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