Amid an upset loss to Michigan State University on Saturday, game day saw a total attendance of 112,432 at the Big House and several security violations.

 According to crime statistics sent to the Daily by Diane Brown, spokeswoman for the University’s Division of Public Safety and Security, there were four arrests — two for disorderly conduct, one for assault and one minor in possession charge.


Brown said in 2016, kickoff times play a big role in the number of incidents there are at games. She said games that start at 3:30 p.m. tend to have more enforcement action than games that begin at noon. In the case of last weekend’s matchup against Michigan State, kickoff was not until 7:30 p.m. — thereby allowing more time for students to drink and tailgate.


Medical personnel treated 105 people and transported 18 people to the hospital on Saturday; which was an increase from last season’s peak on September 17, 2016 when 83 students required medical attention.


There also were two citations — both for ID violations.


Additionally, there were 31 ejections from the Big House — 16 for disorderly conduct, 12 for ID violations and three for alcohol in the stadium. This is less than last season’s peak of 64 ejections when Michigan played against Wisconsin.





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