Former Michigan football cornerback Jourdan Lewis pled not guilty to a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence on Thursday, following an incident with Lewis’s girlfriend Wednesday morning, according to the Detroit Free Press. Lewis’s girlfriend called 911 following a dispute at her apartment in south Ann Arbor at about 1:00 a.m. Wednesday morning.

In an interview with the Daily, Lt. Matthew Lige, from the Ann Arbor Police Department, said the woman alleged Lewis assaulted her after they got into an argument. When police arrived at the scene to respond to the call, Lewis was not at the apartment, but complied with a police interview later that night.

“When we got to the apartment, we conducted an interview of her,” Lige said. “She did not require any medical attention, but did indicated that the two of them had an argument, and during the course of this argument, she’s alleging an assault occurred.”

Lige said he was not at liberty to describe the argument or the assault in further detail.

“Obviously it’s a pending case so I can’t get into specifics as far as what the argument was about, conditions of the apartment,” he said. “All those things are discoverable items that would be available in court.”

Lewis stayed in the Ann Arbor area after completing his final year in the football program in order to finish his degree in sociology and prepare for the NFL Draft in April, for which he has been projected as a mid-round pick.

Though the victim did not report any injuries, Lige clarified that does not mean she was not injured.

Steven Hiller, Washtenaw County chief assistant prosecutor, said in an interview with the Daily a pretrial was scheduled for April 12.

“The attorneys are there, the judge is there, the defendant usually shows up, but not always, if the judge allows them to not be there, but that’s kind of speculative,” Hiller said. “It’s more or less a scheduling meeting, you know, what’s gonna happen with this case. Not much is the answer.”


In a tweet from Wednesday afternoon he has since deleted, Lewis appeared to be referring to the incident.

“It’s sad that somebody would want to control you so bad they would ruin your life over it,” the tweet read. 

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