University of Michigan police officers are currently investigating an armed robbery that occurred Monday night in West Quad Residence Hall. Three unknown male suspects were involved in the incident with three other student victims, according to Division of Public Safety and Security spokeswoman Diane Brown. The suspects fled from West Quad, but their whereabouts remain unknown.

On Tuesday morning, Brown provided a more detailed statement regarding Monday’s incident:

“This is not a random act of violence,” Brown said. “Three students were allegedly were robbed and a couple of them assaulted by three acquaintances. During the incident, a handgun was brandished and property was taken before the suspects fled out of the building (West Quad). This was after they had all been in a particular room for a while prior to the assault happening.”

Additionally, neither victim of the assaults required medical assistance, Brown said. 

Brown said a gun was brandished and property was demanded in the assault. Around 9 p.m., Brown said, three unknown students were in a resident room in West Quad. An hour later, two of those students were physically beaten by the suspects.

Police were notified around 10:30 p.m.

“There was a delay in reporting the incidents to the police,” Brown said.

Residents were initially asked to stay in their rooms as a precaution in both West Quad and South Quad — as a possible person of interest was initially wrongly suspected to be in the latter residence hall. 

“A person who might have matched a description of one of the suspects reportedly was seen going into South Quad. He was located and cleared of any connection with the incident,” Brown said.

As of late Monday night, residents were free to move around.

“There is no lockdown, and no shooter,” Mike Pieknik said Monday. “We are still investigating … residents are OK to move around.”

Resident advisers in South Quad speculating about the incident initially asked residents to stay in their rooms, close their blinds and turn off lights. Any preliminary precautions were waived by DPSS shortly thereafter.

West Quad resident Carola Jansohn, an LSA freshman, said she did not hear about the robbery until she saw officers in the South Quad lobby.

“They said it was an armed robbery and he escaped,” Jansohn said. “I was wondering why they didn’t tell us to leave. If they didn’t tell us to leave, then I guess it was probably fine.”

South Quad resident Amin Tonmoy, an LSA freshman, said he also asked officers he saw in his hall.

“The chances of this happening seem pretty low, but it’s still pretty scary,” he said. “He’s hiding and the police are after him, so I still feel okay (because) the police are right here. Knowing if he’s been found or not will be very helpful.”

Both said they hoped for more communication and clarity on the case moving forward, but recognized the complications in securing the scenes.

“I don’t feel nervous going back to West (Quad) because no one told me to be nervous,” Jansohn said.

Daily Staff Reporter Matt Harmon contributed reporting to this article

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