A University of Michigan student was assaulted Sunday night on East William Street, according to the Ann Arbor Police Department. The attacker has not been found and is reportedly a 6-foot-tall Black male who was wearing a dark jacket, red hat and hooded sweatshirt at the time of the attack.

Dayton Hare, LSA and Music, Theatre & Dance junior, who is also an editor at The Michigan Daily, was walking from work to a concert down William about 7:30 p.m. on Sunday when he noticed someone walking the opposite direction as him. As they crossed paths, the suspect punched Hare in the face. Hare said he believes he was hit a few more times during a closer altercation after the initial attack.

“I dragged him out into the street because I figured any passersby would think that was peculiar and some did,” Hare said. “I think they were in a parked car across the street near NYPD and they got out and called the police … And the guy that had attacked me walked off briskly southwards.”

In terms of injuries, Hare had a large wound below the eyebrow and on the rim of the eye socket that required stitches.

AAPD Detective Lt. Matthew Lige said in an email interview, AAPD will move forward with the investigation and a search for the subject if the victim wishes to prosecute.

“Detectives will be contacting the victim to determine if prosecution is desired,” he wrote. “If so, we will work to get the identity of the suspect determined and request criminal prosecution for assault.”

Despite the close proximity of the attack to campus, a University of Michigan Division of Public Safety and Security crime alert was not sent out to all University students, staff and faculty. DPSS Associate Director Melissa Overton wrote in an email interview the location of the crime and the potential for further attacks did not constitute sending a crime alert because DPSS was not involved in the initial response with AAPD.

“Unless there is a pattern that indicates an ongoing threat to the community, this incident does not meet our threshold for issuing a crime alert,” Overton wrote.

Lige said any witness testimonies to the attack would help AAPD with the investigation.

“If anyone was a witness to this assault or information as to who the suspect may be is encouraged to contact AAPD at 734-794-6921 or email at tips@a2gov.org,” Lige wrote.

Editor’s Note: Hare was not involved in the editing of this report. 


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