The Ann Arbor Police Department is investigating three reported incidents that occurred Wednesday morning near the central campus of the University of Michigan involving the display of “what was described as a black semi-automatic handgun,” according to a press release from AAPD Detective and Lieutenant Matthew Lige.

Lige confirmed in his report the first incident occurred near Arch St and Oakland St. The victim — a 21 year old male — was walking on the sidewalk when he was approached by two males wearing dark sweatshirts and bandanas. Both had exited a dark colored sedan, pointed a handgun at the victim and demanded his property. After the victim handed the males his cell phone, keys and wallet, both suspects ran away toward the vehicle.

In the second incident, which Lige confirmed occurred near the area of S. Forrest Ave and Oakland St., the victim — a 19 year old female — was walking on the sidewalk when she noticed someone walking up behind her.

The person — reported to be a white male wearing a dark hoodie and a red colored Halloween mask — also demanded her property. The victim threw her cellphone at the man and ran away.

In both incidents, a black semi-automatic handgun was displayed, and a dark colored sedan was seen.

“In both described crimes, the victims were walking alone a few blocks from campus,” Lige wrote. “Both incidents were reported immediately. No shots were fired and no injuries occurred.  Based on the similarities in the reported crimes, we a believe that a connection exists.”

The third incident — reported in the 700 block of S Forrest Ave — occurred while a 19 year old female was sitting near her vehicle. A dark colored older sedan made a U turn in the road, stopped near the woman’s vehicle and pointed a handgun at the victim. After which, the victim returned to her vehicle, drove away, but was followed by the suspect for several blocks.

In this last incident, Lige reported nothing was said or taken from the victim.

Lige reported detectives are currently investigating and collaborating with the University Police Department on these cases. A $1000 reward is being offered for information regarding these crimes.

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