Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be in Flint this Sunday, according to MSNBC. Clinton reportedly plans on drawing national attention to the city’s water crisis and calling for the passage of a bill for federal aid to fix the water system.

Campaign officials announced this week that Clinton will hold public events every day in New Hampshire ahead of the state’s caucuses next week on Feb. 9. CNN reported today that U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (D—VT) holds a 55 to 37 percent advantage in polls of New Hampshire primary voters.

Clinton narrowly won the Iowa caucus Monday by 0.3 percent.

She has made Flint a major talking point in recent remarks, calling the city’s use of lead-contaminated water “unconscionable” in a January statement. She also sent a senior staffer to the city to speak at a townhall hosted by The Rachel Maddow Show, and has repeatedly criticized Gov. Rick Snyder’s (R) approach of the crisis.

While the campaign has not announced any public events on Sunday, news of the former secretary of state’s visit comes a day after the Democratic National Committee announced a debate in Flint between Clinton and Sanders on March 6, before the Michigan primary on March 8.

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