Ann Arbor City Council will convene its second meeting of the year Tuesday evening. The council is slated to discuss whether to grant a permit for a new apartment project and exploring new options for recycling. The topic of the city’s planned deer cull — an ongoing controversial topic that has recently been the subject of protests and several failed or pending legal attempts by opposition groups — given the attention given to it in most meetings over the past few months, could also make an appearance. 

Woodbury Club Apartments Project

City Council will hold a public hearing for, and potentially later vote on, a proposed project that would add 282 new apartment units near Nixon Road and M-14.

Though there have been 10 previous public hearings for the apartment units, City Council has postponed the vote due to stiff opposition from nearby residents and property owners. Both groups have cited concerns about increased traffic congestion and ecological harm resulting from the project. The ordinance to approve the project and necessary rezoning had been postponed most recently on Oct. 21, 2015.

For both the necessary rezoning and the project itself to be approved, eight members of City Council must vote in favor following a public hearing.

North Fifth Avenue Improvement Project

The city government and Downtown Development Authority are seeking approval to partner to improve a section of North Fifth Avenue between Catherine, Kingsley and Detroit Streets.

Should this motion be approved, the city and DDA will evenly share the $660,000 cost to study the site and prepare a construction plan to reconstruct the roads, sidewalks and lighting along the location. 

Recycling Center Contract Study

With the city’s current recycling center contract set to expire in 2021, the city is seeking to contract the services of CB&I Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc. to research best practices in the recycling industry for a future recycling plan.

If approved, the contractor will be paid $121,000 to analyze key industry standards and benchmarks in the recycling industry. CB&I will then advise the city in negotiating a new recycling contract over a 12-month engagement.  

Biodigester Feasibility Study

The city is requesting a study on whether the construction of a biodigester, an industrial composter used to provide energy in the form of methane gas, would be feasible in Ann Arbor.

Should this motion pass, the city will pay $66,000 to consulting firm Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber, Inc. to analyze potential sites, assess the availability of biomass fuel from sources — such as University dining halls — and produce a potential design.

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