Burrito lovers who had to find somewhere else to eat lunch Monday afternoon are in luck.

Because Chipotle shut down all of its locations nation-wide until 3 p.m in light of company-wide meetings, the restaurant is offering coupons to receive a free burrito.

Phone users can text “RAINCHECK” to 888-222 to be directed to a website to fill in their name and location to receive the coupon.

According to their website, each restaurant and branch of the company held a 4-hour meeting to discuss recent food safety concerns that have impacted the restaurant, as well as labor issues.

Last November, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that over 55 individuals in 11 states had contracted an E. Coli infection that was traced back to Chipotle’s food.

In response, the food chain closed 43 of its locations in Washington and Oregon for investigation, before reopening them the same month.


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