Around 100 people attended the grand opening ceremony of the Seven10 East Cafe at the Ross School of Business on Oct. 21. Seven10 East Cafe, which opened in mid-September, is a collaboration between Zingerman’s Community of Businesses and the Ross School of Business in which Zingerman’s will supply many of the cafe’s food and drink selections. This is the first retail collaboration between the restaurant and the school.

People at the event handed out free samples, and there was a raffle drawing for prizes. The samples included Sour Cream Coffee cake, cold brew coffee, Rishi green citrus iced tea and many more selections. The raffle included gift cards, gift baskets and a free pound of coffee per month for a year at Seven10 East Cafe. 

Business junior Caitlin Ju told The Daily she is excited to have more coffee selections other than Starbucks in the Business School.

“I was really excited mostly for just another option aside from Starbucks because I drink coffee every day,” Ju said. “I’ve been here probably like 10 times now. So I really like that. It’s also very spacious. I think the coffee is a little pricey, but it’s definitely worth it for the environment.”

Zingerman’s Coffee Company has created a special blend of coffee that will only be sold at Seven10 East Cafe. Zingerman’s will also deliver fresh sandwiches to the cafe every morning. The coffee is available for purchase in bags, as well as food items only sold at the cafe and Zingerman’s Deli. 

During the grand opening event, Ari Weinzweig, co-founding partner of Zingerman’s Community of Businesses, and Business School dean Scott DeRue gave remarks about the new cafe. 

Weinzweig said the cafe is meant to be something different in the Ross School of Business to compliment the Starbucks.

“So we’ve been very committed for a long time not to do what so many others do… and we didn’t want to create another Starbucks of Zingerman’s and just keep opening chains,” Weinzweig said. “We really like to create unique, artful, innovative spaces. And so being able to collaborate with Dave and Scott and everybody in this setting and do something special and unique to this setting… It’s a really cool thing.”

DeRue told The Daily Zingerman’s Deli represents community and that’s how he wants people to feel in the Business School building. 

“I want Seven10 East Cafe to be the place where people across campus want to be, want to go, just because of the community and the feel that it represents,” DeRue said. “The University of Michigan to me is all about community. It’s about family, and I want this to be a place where that comes to life.”

The cafe is located at the very front of the Executive Learning and Conference Center. There are tables and chairs surrounding the kitchen area and windows overlooking the Davidson Winter Garden.

Business junior Mallory Demeter said the convenience of Seven10 East Cafe will make it easier to get good quality coffee.

“I have high expectations for my coffee and I don’t really like Starbucks,” Demeter said. “So I think it’s nice to have Zingerman’s here. I can get some good cappuccinos and not have to go downtown to Atomic Coffee, which is where I usually go. So it’ll be convenient and I’m excited for that.”

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