Ann Arbor’s beloved MD Bagel Fragel is being forced to move out of its home of 25 years at 1760 Plymouth Rd. The family-run bagel shop has until Dec. 30 to find a new location, or it will face permanent closure.

In October, MD Bagel Fragel’s current location in Broadway Square was purchased by a new owner, initially granting them only two days to move out of the location. Due to the overwhelming support and community uproar, the bagel shop was allowed an extension of another month. The community has since banded together in an attempt to save Bagel Fragel and help them find a new location where they can continue to enjoy the company’s popular and much-loved bagels.

Underground Printing has begun a T-shirt fundraising campaign to help raise money and keep the bagel shop in business. Evan Mitchell, University of Michigan alum and Underground Printing employee, says the effort so far has had a great response.

“Over 100 shirts have been ordered in just about 24 hours,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell was inspired to start the campaign due to his personal history with the bagel shop when he was a student.

“I lived on North campus when I was a freshman, so Bagel Fragel was kind of like my go-to spot for me and all my friends,” Mitchell said. “On game days, we would always go there Saturday mornings, it became kind of a tradition for us. It’s always been a special place to me and when I saw that they were facing a tough situation I just figured that I would do what I could to try and help out.”

Dec. 20 will be the last day MD Bagel Fragel serves customers at their current location, and those who wear the “#SaveBagelFragel” T-shirts will receive a free fragel as a simultaneous thank you and goodbye to the loyal Ann Arbor customers.

In addition to the T-shirt campaign, the bagel-loving citizens of Ann Arbor have also started a GoFundMe to raise money and help pay for the build out if a new location is secured. As of Wednesday, Nov. 28 the campaign has raised $8,483 just 13 days after the campaign was launched. If MD Bagel Fragel is unable to find a new location, the donations will be refunded.

Longtime customer Sandy Aldrich launched the now trending campaign on behalf of MD Bagel Fragel owner Patricia Rockette.

Their support has been overwhelming,” Rockette told MLive. “We had no idea we would get that much response.” 

So far no updates have been announced in regards to a new location.

“We are still looking for a new location,” Bagel Fragel employee Megan Jernigan said. “We know as much as you guys do. As we know more we will put it out there, but we don’t know anything yet.”

The small bagel shop, operated by only four people, has shared their appreciation of the community’s continued support on their website. “We are so grateful and humbled by your emails, calls, visits and support on social media.” The website reads, “Thank you so much Ann Arbor for your heart.”

As well as the T-shirt campaign and GoFundMe, locals have also created Facebook and Twitter accounts for MD Bagel Fragel. In regards to this amount of support, Jernigan stated: “We could not be more thankful.”

Mitchell explains this outpouring support is not just limited to Bagel Fragel.

“One of the things I really like about Ann Arbor is how the community kind of rallies around and try to help out those in need,” Mitchell said.

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