Due to evolution within the demands of the supply chain industry, the University of Michigan Ross School of Business recently updated its Master of Supply Chain Management Program. The enhanced program is expected to better prepare students for the future and help the MSCM to maintain its ranking among the top five best programs in the country.

Business Dean Scott DeRue said in a University press release that maintaining the program’s prestige will help future generations of students stay updated in an evolving field. The program will help graduates in future job searches as well as create more intimate relationships with industry partners.

“With these new offerings, we are preparing the next generation of leaders for the dynamic and complex supply chains of tomorrow,” DeRue said.

One central change to the program includes shortening it from 12 months down to 10 months. Previously, students obtained summer internships, but a new experiential course now directly pairs students with companies during winter semester to complete a project. With this change, students will spend more time on the Ann Arbor campus in order to gain a more in-depth experience in the business school. The shift in scheduling also accommodates the scheduling of corporate recruiting.

Other changes to the curriculum include a larger focus on the data and analytics of key trends within the supply chain management industry, in addition to focuses on leadership development and general business education. Students within MSCM will also take an action-based learning course, the Supply Chain Consulting Studio, to gain real-world experience in a corporate environment.

The new MSCM now includes a corporate advisory council — a group comprised of industry leaders to serve as advisers, mentors and partners to MSCM faculty and students.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology currently has the top-ranked MSCM program, according to U.S. News and World Report. Similar to the University’s program, MIT’s MSCM is a 10-month program entirely on MIT’s campus. Different from the University’s program, though, MIT’s program incorporates a month abroad for real-world experience rather than something like the Business School’s action-based learning course.

Bill Hall, the head of sustainability at Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles, said in the press release he was excited to provide career guidance and connections to the program’s students.

“The restructured Ross MSCM Program, fueled by its progressive curriculum, high-impact, action-based learning module and close collaboration with the corporate sector, is destined to accelerate its production of elite supply chain innovators,” he said.

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