Jewelry and fashion company Kendra Scott, founded by fashion designer Kendra Scott, is set to open its second Michigan location in Ann Arbor this Saturday. The new boutique will be located in the Arbor Hills shopping center, just under a 10 minute drive from the University of Michigan’s Central Campus.

Scott initially started on a small scale in Austin in 2002, according to the Kendra Scott website. As the company has grown, Scott has made it a priority to give back to both local and national communities through extensive philanthropy and community service.

According to the company’s website, the company’s philanthropic activities in 2018 included more than 10,000 fundraising and awareness events and over $5 million in donations to both local and national philanthropic partners.

In an interview with The Daily, Megan Noble, the company’s marketing and philanthropic manager, described Kendra Scott’s mission as a company and the impact they hope to have by opening a store in Ann Arbor.

“Kendra founded our company on the pillars of family, fashion and philanthropy,” Noble said. “She started this company in her spare bedroom with 500 dollars and a mission to give back.”

Noble described why the boutique has chosen to open a storefront in Ann Arbor.

“Certainly, community is very important to us, and already we have seen how giving and supportive the Ann Arbor community is, so we’re really thrilled to be a part of that,” she said.

The company is looking to connect with University of Michigan students, according to Noble. 

“Whether that’s hosting events on campus or hosting student events in our store,” Noble said. “We love the college-town environment. We love the city. We love the University, so it’s a really fun place for us to be.”

Business junior Lindsey Bertone said the company’s involvement in the town would be positive for both students and Ann Arbor residents. 

“If that’s something that’s at the core of their business, it’d have a good impact on Ann Arbor as a community and our school as a whole, so I think that’d be a beneficial thing,” Bertone said.

Though Bertone mentioned she primarily purchases from online stores, she said she would enjoy visiting the Arbor Hills location of the store. 

LSA sophomore Julia Miller said she would be interested in checking out the store. She said she looks for quality products and reasonable prices when shopping for jewelry. She also mentioned some ways in which she would like to see Kendra Scott engage in philanthropy with University students.

“It’d be cool if they got involved in Greek life philanthropy,” Miller said. 

Kendra Scott jewelry is known for its unique designs and use of colors. Their pricing ranges from under $50 to more expensive fine jewelry. The store is hosting its first “Kendra Gives Back” event Saturday in support of Wish Upon a Teen, a nonprofit that benefits teenagers with severe medical conditions.


rt of Wish Upon a Teen, a nonprofit that benefits teenagers with severe medical conditions.

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