“The Pickle Recipe,” a film produced and written by University of Michigan alum Sheldon Cohn and Gary Wolfson, will be screened at the Michigan Theatre beginning Friday and running daily until next Thursday.

Cohn said in an interview with the Daily he came up with the idea for the story with Wolfson after discussing his grandmother’s pickle recipe. The plot follows a man trying to steal his grandmother’s pickle recipe in order to pay for his daughter’s bat mitzvah.

Cohn worked on the film in coordination with seven other University alumni. He said he mostly enjoyed the storytelling components of filmmaking.

“One of the most fun parts was the writing process,” Cohn said. “Sitting with Gary, whether it was my house, his house, in my treehouse smoking cigars. Just throwing ideas back and forth — what if, what if, what if.”

The film has been screened throughout the country since its official release in early November and now will spend a week being shown in Ann Arbor. Russ Collins, executive director and CEO of the Michigan Theater, said it is nice to have local films shown, especially when the filmmakers are enthusiastic about the community.

“(The filmmakers) are very passionate about promoting the community, so that matches things that we do,” Collins said. “It should be a fun, community set of screenings for a fun film.”

Cohn said he was excited for the film to be played at his alma mater where he was able to gain many of the skills which allowed him to create the film.

“I got hands-on experience with equipment, worked with really good people and professors, and appreciated what I did,” Cohn said. “I like working with the people from Michigan, and I love the idea that it’s going to play in Ann Arbor. That’s very sentimental.”

Mary Lou Chlipala, assistant to the chair of the Department of Screen Arts and Cultures, told The Oakland Press the film showcases the talent within the program. 

“In talent and ability, our Screen Arts alumni prove over and over again that the University of Michigan’s Screen Arts and Cultures program is one of the most intensive and well respected undergraduate programs in America,” she said.

Collins said a Q&A session will be held with filmmakers Cohn, Wolfson and director Michael Manasseri following the 4:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. screenings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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