Delta Sigma: Harambe’s Jungle

The men of the Delta Sigma fraternity will honor the majestic life of a gorilla-gone-too-soon not with a funeral but with a celebration Saturday.  In Harambe’s Jungle, all UM students are welcome so long as they make sure all small children are safely away from the enclosure, and memes are kept to a minimum. 



TDX: Make Open Parties Great Again

Trump Tower was in the news this past summer, when Donald Trump proclaimed his vision to “Make America Great Again”.  But this week, it will be Ann Arbor capturing headlines on Friday when the TDX fraternity will enact their plan to Make Open Parties Great Again.  However, unlike the vision laid out by the GOP nominee, this party will only be sealed off by tarps, not  a “big, beautiful wall,” as Trump said.



Phi Sig Olympics

America dominated the medal count in Rio de Janeiro last month, with 22 current and former Wolverines representing 9 different countries at the Summer Olympic games, including the most decorated Olympian in history — Michael Phelps.  While the men of Phi Sig can claim none of these highly skilled athletes as their own, they can boast their very own take on the modern triathlon featuring drinking, dancing and spending 4 hours the next day trying to get rid of the smell of cheap vodka. This Thursday, you could have tried your luck at gold by boldly going where no Olympian has ever gone before — the Phi Sig house.



Delta Sigma Presents: Back to Back World War Champs

Delta Sigma is trading in their maize and blue Friday night for red, white and blue.  Along with their party for Harambe’s Jungle, the brothers are celebrating another cultural touchstone in American history — and the right to play ‘Closer’ at least one time for each American flag shirt ripped off in patriotic pride or every 20 minutes, whichever happens first. Join them to celebrate national freedoms, as well as the final weekend of summer freedom.



Triangle and Beta Present: Aloha Luau

Triangle and Beta are coming together to host a tropical luau-themed party to celebrate the one or two weeks of heat that UM students experience during the regular academic year.  While there won’t be drinks with tiny umbrellas, or their very own outdoor beach (shoutout to ADPi), you can guarentee that Friday’s party will be as hot and humid as the tropics.


Delta Upsilon: DU Even Lift?!

Lifting is a choice activity for many fitness conscious students at the Central Campus Recreation Building, and the gym bros of Delta Upsilon will host festivities at their very own recreation building.  The Delta Upsilon “Swolverines”, in the spirit of personal training, are slated to offer an array of activities, such as bicep curls with weighted ping pong balls, and handstand push-ups atop the keg.


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