On Saturday morning, the University of Michigan’s Red Cross Club held their 4th annual Run for the Red 5K at Nichols Arboretum. Among the participants in the run were students from various campus organizations, including the American Medical Student Association, the Foundation for International Medical Relief for Children and Delta Sigma Sorority.

The community-based 5K is one of the Red Cross Club’s biggest fundraisers of the year, according to organizers. More than 200 people registered to run on Saturday, about a 30 percent increase from last year.

Business junior Hani Elhor, who has been helping organize the run since his freshman year, said the event is a great way to reach out to students from all around the campus to bring them together. The Red Cross club uses “What do you run for?” as their slogan to make the event interactive for all participants.

Elhor noted many students have different ideas of what they’ll come out to run for and said this unique mix of motivations makes the event successful.

“We noticed that there are so many philanthropic organizations on campus and we really want to highlight what people run for,” Elhor said. “People sometimes run for other things too like happiness and wine.”

When asked what she runs for, LSA freshman Audrey Schwartz said she wanted to push herself for a good cause.

“I haven’t run a 5K in a while, and I wanted to prove to myself (that) I could do it,” she said. “I’m most excited to finish it.”

This year’s leadership team consisted of about 22 members, and the team was divided into three main planning branches: marketing, PR and logistics.

“(Accounting) for the weather is the hardest part about planning this event … it was snowing this morning,” Elhor said.

Engineering junior Alex Mundorf, who was part of the logistics team and also participated in the run, said the event has been increasingly popular in recent years.

“Every year the event has grown more and more,” he said. “It gets people to think about what they are passionate about and how they want to help the world.”

The money raised by the event goes directly to the Red Cross to continue their community services, as well as club activities such as blood drives, veteran support, fire safety and fire alarm installations.

“This year we hope to hit our five-to-six thousand mark,” Elhor said. “We were able to get all our expenses covered by our community sponsors, BurgerFi and Tru Fitness Ann Arbor, so all the money generated today will go back to the club and what we do on campus.”

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