Thrive Juicery, a local cafe owned by two former University of Michigan athletes, Anna and Andy Mignery, will be opening a second downtown location at the end of the summer. The juicery will open at 111 W. Liberty Street in mid-August, beginning as a pop-up style location while the backspace is renovated.

“(It will be) early fall for the grand opening for the whole space,” Anna Mignery said. “We’ll be offering our juices and all pre-packaged goods from the first location.”

The original store opened in 2018 at 2420 E Stadium Blvd. Anna and Andy Mignery decided to expand with a new location when the owners of the new building on Liberty St. asked if they would be interested in moving to the space.

“The owners of the building were frequent customers and they came and asked if we would consider,” Anna Mignery said. “We had been looking at ways to serve the downtown community better, and we considered the community collective and delivery options. When this space became available it just seemed like the right fit.”

Anna Mignery, a former University pole vaulter, and her husband Andy Mignery, a former University football quarterback and tight end, started the business to provide others with the benefits of raw juice.

“The main motivation was that we found juicing as a family when my husband, at 37, had lung cancer,” Anna Mignery said. “We found the benefits through that, and decided that we wanted to find a way to offer those products to the Ann Arbor community. My husband and I both went to U-M, we were both student athletes there and we just kind of felt called to do it and how great it made us and our children feel.” 

Thrive Juicery offers raw, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, breakfast options, coffee and salads.

“The main thing behind our brand is that whats listed is whats in our product and nothing else,” Anna Mignery said. 

Anna Mignery said their staple products are raw juices. Their website features guides and options for juice cleanses, which it says result in “many people reporting rejuvenated skin, improved mental clarity, reduced bloating, more restful sleep, reduced food cravings and boosted immunity.”

“Our raw juice we juice in house daily,” Anna Mignery said. “We have a glass window around the juicer and you can watch it be done.”

They also use glass bottles and offer a return program, offering a credit of 25 cents per bottle to go towards your next purchase.

Ann Arbor resident Audrey Wu expressed excitement about Thrive Juicery’s new location. 

“The attention to a good mix of healthy carbs, protein, and vitamins in the recipe is important to me,” Wu said. “I think their emphasis on fresh and unprocessed ingredients is unique.”

Ann Arbor resident Raychel Rusnak said she was happy to see Thrive Juicery expand its operations.

“I think Thrive is definitely unique in Ann Arbor,” Rusnak said. “I’m not too familiar with many other places to get juice and smoothies but if there were, I’d still choose Thrive.”

Ann Mignery said the new Thrive Juicery location will reach a broader range of clientele in downtown Ann Arbor. 

“The more we’ve been down there in the space, there’s a big community space that we were unaware of not having ever had a business or living downtown,” Mignery said. “So we’re really excited to become a part of that community.”

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