On June 15, nearly 6,000 people attended the fourth annual Tech Trek, a free community event hosted by SPARK and designed to showcase tech companies located in downtown Ann Arbor. More than 80 businesses such as Domino’s, Toyota and Duo Two Factor Authentication participated in the event.

Jenn Cornell, the vice president of marketing and communications at SPARK, said the event featured numerous businesses, anything from big companies to little start-ups. Cornell says the annual event is an opportunity for students and potential job seekers to see what’s out there, but ultimately for Ann Arbor is present its thriving local business community.

“It revolves around what we have here in Ann Arbor that is so special, which is a really dense tech ecosystem,” Cornell said. “A lot of businesses are located downtown. We had more than 80 businesses participate this year and to have that type of density in a community the size of Ann Arbor is pretty remarkable and something that you might not realize if you’re just going about your day-to-day life. It’s just sort of an opportunity to uncover the gems located in Ann Arbor that you might not otherwise realize are here.”

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