Early Tuesday morning, the Ann Arbor City Council discussed one of its least contentious issues: the domestication of ducks.

City Councilmember Chuck Warpehoski, D-Ward 5, sponsored an ordinance which considers ducks with respect to the city of Ann Arbor’s current policy regarding animals. The ordinance, awaiting its final approval on Nov. 8, would accept ducks as animals that can be kept in coops and properties in the city, in addition to the  existing policy that allows chickens. The current proposal allows citizens to apply for a permit for ownership of either up to two or up to six birds, referring solely to chickens for the time being.

Warpehoski proposed allowing ducks to be kept in Ann Arbor backyards in 2015, but is only now solidifying the proposal into legislation. He referred to policy in Portland, OR in comparison to Ann Arbor’s possible future.

The current policy regarding backyard chickens stipulates that the birds must be kept in fenced closures a minimum of 10 feet away from property lines.

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