Ann Arbor City Council members sit around a podium in the center of a room.
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The Ann Arbor City Council met Tuesday evening at Larcom City Hall to discuss the approval of a contract for the Platt Road Improvements project and updated street closures for July 4.

The Council unanimously passed a resolution to approve a contract with the Michigan Department of Transportation for the Platt Road Improvements project. The $2.3 million dollar project is part of the city’s 2022 road and sidewalk construction projects and includes road resurfacing and sidewalk gap filling and construction. Due to a shortage of materials, the construction will be delayed until spring 2023.

Councilmember Travis Radina, D-Ward 3, expressed his support for the resolution and spoke on the importance of it being passed by the Council. 

“We have heard from a number of constituents in the area that additional safety improvements need to be made for them to feel safe in using the roadway there,” Radina said. “I want to echo my support and encourage council to adopt it so there can be more comprehensive transport options on the segment.”

During the public commentary for the resolution, Ward 4 resident Alex Lowe said it is important that the project has updated design guidelines that align with city initiatives and public safety. Lowe suggested safety elements for the Platt Road project, such as lights at pedestrian crossings and increasing the number of crossings added to the design.

“While I do believe that it is very important that this road be resurfaced, doing so without updating it to modern design guidelines will simply make this area more dangerous for everyone,” Lowe said. “I urge you to ensure that Platt Road receives design updates in line with the city’s complete streets and vision zero commitments.”

The Council also approved updates for street closures on July 4. North University will be closed from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. for the Ann Arbor Jaycee’s 4th of July Parade, and Maynard Street will be closed between East Liberty and East William Streets for the Firefighter Spray Park.

Councilmembers also discussed Ann Arbor’s housing instability. Amir Fleischmann, community member and Graduate Employees’ Organization member, advocated for tenant’s rights during the public commentary section of the meeting. He discussed GEO’s Right to Renew policy proposal, which would give renters housing security by requiring landlords to either offer the option of lease renewal or provide moving expenses.

“This is needed because housing is incredibly unstable for renters in Ann Arbor,” Fleishmann said. “Renters are often not given a chance to renew even when they have been good tenants. Moving is incredibly stressful, time-consuming and expensive.”

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