Snowfall in Ann Arbor hit an all-time record for a 24-hour period in the month of November, with almost a foot of snow accumulating across the city on Saturday.

The first records date back to 1880. Saturday’s snow totaled 10.7 inches on the University’s campus, according to the National Weather Service.

Snowfall tallies varied across the county. Some parts of town received less, like southeast Ann Arbor, where 9.6 inches of snow was recorded. In Manchester, in the southwest corner of Washtenaw County, more than 14 inches of snow fell Saturday.

According to Dennis Kahlbaum, the University’s staff meteorologist, this variance was due to a dry pocket in the weather system that formed during the storm, causing the county’s northern and western parts experienced more snow than other areas.

Even though Ann Arbor saw a record for a 24-hour period, the overall snowfall was not the most in the state. Howell, Mich. recorded 14.2 inches of snow as of 8:45 a.m. Saturday. 

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