In the wake of President-elect Donald Trump’s election, Ann Arbor entrepreneurs Kate Lind and Nate Stevens started a new project, Pincause, that designs and sells pins intended to raise awareness of social justice issues.

Pincause recently released its first pin — a multicolored hand design — in support of women’s rights and the women’s rights marches that will take place across the United States on and before January 21, the days surrounding Donald Trump’s inauguration.

“At first we had it as a closed fist that was many different bright colors, and then we decided to open it up and make it into the American Sign Language for love, which I think is perfect because our message is about love and inclusion,” said Penelope Dullaghan, the artist behind the multicolored hand design.

Stevens, a University of Michigan alum, said the design originally started as a quest for a identifiable and unique symbol, much like other marches and protests have been affiliated with.

“It all started with the idea that the design has to be something really good and that it’s not just enough to have a message,” Stevens said. “The goal for this was to create a symbol. The hippie movement had a peace sign, and we wanted to create something similar for the women’s march and women’s movement.”

Stevens explained that he and Lind hope to draw nationwide attention to the project and raise money for women’s and civil rights groups.

“The goal for this is to gain national media coverage and to make a symbol that reaches tens of thousands of people marching and to raise $100,000 for each the ACLU and Planned Parenthood,” said Stevens.

Lind discussed her dreams for the future of Pincause, expressing a desire to expand to other social justice issues.

“We hope that Pincause, in the future, will have other causes, so maybe in the second quarter of the year, we were thinking of making pins that support Flint and Syrian refugees,” Lind said.

According to MLive, the pins have already been shipped to 43 states and internationally to countries such as England and Australia.


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