Ann Arbor became the first city in Michigan to ban the sale of tobbacco to those under the age of 21, after an ordinance introduced in July passed during the council's meeting on August 4.

Councilmember Julie Grand (D-Ward 3) introduced the ordinance in conjunction with local public health professionals seeking to raise the age of purchase for tobacco within the City to 21, and the ordinance passed its initial read.

In the public hearing period preceding the vote on the legislation, numerous public health and medical professionals who collaborated with Grand addressed the importance of the law to reduce tobacco-related illnesses.

While supporters of the measure aim to keep teenagers from smoking tobacco, critics claim the new law is an overstep of government into citizen's personal lives.

The ordinance passed with only two dissenting votes from Jack Eaton (D-4) and Jane Lumm (I-Ward 2), both of whom voted against due to the ordinance conflicting with Michigan's state law. 

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