Courtesy of City of Ann Arbor.

Following a water main break at the intersection of Jackson and Maple Road, Ann Arbor City Government issued a boil-water advisory in a statement sent out Tuesday afternoon for residents impacted by the break. This advisory encourages residents to boil all water before consumption. 

“(The boil water mandate) includes water used for brushing teeth, making ice, washing raw foods, and preparing drinks, as well as water for pets,” the Ann Ann Government statement said.  “Water used for bathing, laundry and lawn irrigation does not need to be boiled.”

The neighborhoods impacted by the mandate are the Jackson, Pauline, Dicken Woods, Maple and I-94 areas. The Westgate shopping center, which houses close to 30 businesses, is also affected. 

The advisory is cautionary as there is no evidence of contamination in the water. The mandate is expected to be lifted within 48 hours, but the city of Ann Arbor encourages community members to stay aware of further announcements. 

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