France has closed its borders after numerous acts of terrorism unfolded in the Paris area Friday night — and among those currently within the country are 10 University students, three faculty members and one staff member.

University spokesman Rick Fitzgerald wrote in a statement that all 14 University-affiliated people who were registered as having traveled to France have confirmed their safety. At this time, information about their location in the country is unavailable.

Fitzgerald said the check-in process involves an international travel registry, through which those abroad “register” their whereabouts with the University, providing modes of contact and other means for ensuring safety in the case of emergency.

This mechanism is run, Fitzgerald said, through the Office of the Provost, where a staff member under James Holloway, the vice provost for global and engaged education, focuses on international travel and monitors the registry in situations like this one.

Police in France report more than 100 people have been killed at several locations in Paris, including attacks near a concert hall and a major sports stadium. 

“U-M personnel continue to monitor the situation in France and elsewhere so we can be in quick contact with other international travelers should the need arise,” Fitzgerald said in a statement Saturday morning. “The university shares in the shock of the attacks in Paris and the grief being expressed globally over the tragic loss of life in Paris. Many members of the university community have strong ties to France, including the dozens of students from France studying on our campus.”

This story will be updated as more information becomes available. This story has been updated to reflect that all University affiliates have been confirmed safe. The University has also updated the number of faculty in France to three, not five, and the number of students to 10. 

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