For the 11th consecutive year, the University of Michigan has broken its record of most applications reviewed and processed, with 58,590 applicants seeking admission for fall 2017.

This total is a 7-percent increase from last year. According to University spokesman Rick Fitzgerald, admission will be offered to about 14,000 students, making the acceptance rate approximately 24 percent.

Last year, about 55,500 students sent in applications for the fall 2016 school year, yielding a class of about 6,600. Of the applicants, 16,100 students were offered admission, resulting in an acceptance rate of about 29 percent.

Although a detailed breakdown of the incoming class is not yet available, it is expected to be similar to that of last year, with an acceptance rate for in-state students of about 40 percent and an acceptance rate for out-of-state students of about 25 percent.

The number of applicants to the University has been rising steadily as the number of applications this year is nearly double that of 2009, when 29,939 applications were received.

The growing number of applications has yielded larger class sizes as well, with the class of 2020 being the largest in University history, despite University plans to curb over-enrollment.


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