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LSA Dean Andrew D. Martin confirmed faculty will place a special emphasis on ensuring professors hold their exams solely during the designated exam period in the upcoming academic year.

“For many years, the LSA Faculty Code—the governing document of the LSA faculty—has mandated that all faculty members refrain from having final exams on the last day of class or during an earlier instructional time,” Martin wrote in an email to the Daily.

Students who still have classes going on at the time of certain exams say they have found this to be difficult, while others say they appreciate the chance to focus on other finals or have a lengthier break. Regardless, Martin said there are adverse consequences in pushing up finals they will be addressing.

“We’ve learned from conversations with our students that deviating from this policy has adverse consequences for some of our students,” Martin continued in the email. “This a special emphasis of the dean’s office this year, making clear that it is our expectation that exams are administered during the times established by the Registrar’s Office.”

LSA junior Meghan Clark said she is concerned whether the new emphasis on changing exam times will affect travel plans for returning home over Winter Break.

“Typically, the only exams I had before finals were scheduled that way because they were late in the week,” she said. “Being from across the country, I’m worried this new rule could make it more difficult for me to travel home for breaks.”

LSA junior Ellie Wilson echoed this concern, stating it is easier to plan for breaks knowing exams can be held in the final week of class. Yet, she noted that professors adhering to the LSA code prevent multiple exams on the same day.

“On one hand, it’s nice to plan ahead knowing that exams are during the last week,” she said. “However, it can be very difficult when finals for various classes overlap.”

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