Mary Markley Residence Hall is the largest student dorm on Central Campus at the University of Michigan and along with housing more than 1,000 students, the dorm also houses some unlikely guests — cockroaches.

Students recently reported cockroach sightings in the dorms.

The problem is not a new one — students have been complaining about the cockroach infestation for 10 years, and current residents were given a warning and some bug traps on move-in day.

“Pest reports are especially likely after a relatively warm and humid early fall,” a University statement read. “Anytime a student calls to report a pest, it is treated as a high priority, and the university’s pest management team is brought in. Uprooting students from their homes in the middle of term is, overall, not the best strategy. We prefer to treat the problem itself, which we are now doing.”

The first sighting of cockroaches in Markley’s showers and bathrooms was in 2006. Students at the time began complaining to resident advisers at the time about the infestation and their inability to feel clean when their showers are home to these bugs.

LSA freshman Jennifer Maiorana lives in Markley this year and said, while she has never had to kill a bug, their existence is an everyday annoyance.

“It seems bit ridiculous that we are paying so much to live in a dorm that has a bug problem, especially when other students are in brand-new, cleaner spaces,” Maiorana said. “I don’t think having bugs in our dorm affects my educational experience at all. Rather, it is just a hassle for everyday living.”

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