No one does summer romance better than Anderson .Paak. His expertly crafted mix of hip hop, funk and neo-soul sounds best when paired with a bottle of champagne sometime in mid-July; the multi-instrumental pop and fizzle of albums Malibu and Venice speak to long stretches of golden beaches and all the heated passion that comes with warm weather flings. It’s music that quite literally bursts with charisma — a breezy personability that is mirrored by .Paak himself, if his Tiny Desk performance is anything to go by — and the reason why we all were eagerly anticipating the release of new music after 2016’s Yes Lawd!

It’s 2018, a new single has finally been released and it does not disappoint.    

Released as part of a Spike Jonze-directed Apple ad, “’Til It’s Over” takes all the sunny, shimmering vibrancy that .Paak is known for and adds a hypnotic twist. The song finds .Paak stretching to savor the last few moments of a relationship. The end is in sight, yet .Paak holds no regret, softly singing, “Only one more night in Los Angeles / I really thought I could handle it,” over an R&B groove that is reminiscent of older songs “The City” and “Room in Here.” The beat rises until .Paak utters the words, “Imma ride it ’til it’s over,” and then all noises cease. The only thing that is left to echo around in the cavity left behind is an ambient synth progression, growing and building on itself until the song seems to take a life of its own — organically shifting from one verse to the next. “’Til It’s Over” is a psychedelic daydream that you can’t help but be pulled into. 

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