Of her brilliant new single, “One More,” Yaeji writes on her Bandcamp page, “Listening to the earliest version of the song through its evolution, I remembered the times I was confused or angry, processed those feelings, understood my pains, and finally felt like I gained a bit of control over it all.” She also explains that she was experiencing growing pains that lead her to begin writing the track, feeling lost in the fast-paced nature of her life in New York City. “One More” is her reconciliation with that pain and confusion, cutting ties with ritual monotony and coming to terms with the speed of change. Now with a brand new video to accompany the single, Yaeji and director Alex Gvojic offer small glimpse into the routine she’s finally taken control over.

Much like her other videos for “Raingurl” and “Drink I’m Sippin On,” “One More” begins subdued and small, Yaeji’s soft, almost whispered voice shimmering over a scene awash in shadow. Once she introduces the bass, the camera pans circularly from an over-the-shoulder view behind Yaeji dressed in an all-black outfit, witnessing herself checking her phone on the toilet, cooking, making music and performing other daily tasks. Like the first two-thirds of the track, it’s monotonous and hypnotizing, soothing yet soaked in disinterest. Yaeji’s songwriting recognizes that patience is essential, slowly building to the crux of her work without giving too much away in the beginning.

The last third of the track finds Yaeji breaking the cycle, each of her individualized selves atomizing into thin air before the scene makes a colorful shift through an actual hole in the wall. Yaeji emerges donned in yellow and silver, surrounded by others — in all black much like her former self — as they dance purposefully to the beat, Yaeji herself much more comfortable and fluid than her previously rigid personas performing her routine. The new Yaeji goes with the flow and accepts change; the new Yaeji isn’t weighed down by interpersonal disconnect; the new Yaeji is as magnetic and compelling as the pulsing pop she creates.


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