Frank Ocean has not simply returned to the music scene — after more than a year of general silence, he’s made a powerful comeback with two singles released a mere 13 days apart. In terms of Ocean’s history, this is almost unheard of. As they say, it’s not a Frank Ocean album until he makes you wait four years to hear it. On Oct. 19, Ocean released “DHL,” which sparked the yearly discussion of whether or not he’ll be releasing a new album. In the interim, he’s been hosting a series of secretive nightclub events under the label “PrEP+,” allegedly debuting new songs at each one.  On Nov. 1, Ocean officially released a second single, “In My Room,” much to the surprise and joy of his fanbase. 

Only two minutes and 14 seconds long, “In My Room” definitely isn’t your average Frank Ocean song. It’s comparatively short and leans more towards Ocean’s elusive rap sound, i.e. 2017’s “RAF,” than the bulk of his work. The single is objectively catchy, with a repetitive beat that actually makes the song a perfect loop of itself.

With that being said, this song grows on you the more you listen to it. It might not be the most compelling single Ocean has ever released, especially when it’s competing with 2017 cult favorites like “Chanel” and “Biking,” but it definitely bodes well for what he might be giving us in the near future.

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