So … about last Tuesday. Defying both political analysts and polls, Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States. We’re all shocked. We’re all stunned. We’re all confused. But it’s over, and this is not an outlet for which I will bitch about the results. I will, though, make light of the situation, and as a coping mechanism, make a playlist about the damn thing. So here, in nine songs, is how the night went down:

Shawty Is Da Shi*! The-Dream, Fabulous

This one goes out to you, Hill. At the start of the election, we were feelin’ real good. Remember when The New York Times predicted she had an 85% chance of winning?


What’s Going On”  Marvin Gaye

What we all began asking ourselves at about 10 p.m.


The Narcissist (feat Inga Copeland)”  Dean Blunt 

I mean, I think this one’s pretty self-explanatory.


Warned You”  Good Morning

Did anyone predict this??? All of a sudden I’m finding electoral maps that say Trump could win???


Hope”  Descendants

“Don’t worry!” they said. “There’s still a chance!” they said.


Say It Ain’t So”  Weezer

This is about five hours in, when CNN refused to give Florida to Trump, despite AP calling it an hour earlier. Oh, and also when they waited 45 minutes to call Utah, even though a Mormon write-in was beating Hillary.


Over My Dead Body”  Drake

I just think I’d be cheating you guys – and myself – if I didn’t throw a little Drake on here. Regardless, the sentiment rings true.


The Future”  De La Soul 

Oh, so now what?


Life On Mars?”  David Bowie

Good call, Bowie.



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