Tierra Whack is a multifaceted rapper and R&B artist. Her many hues are established not only by her bright-colored, evocative style, but also by her ability to take on multiple personas across her creative work. Inspired originally by the immersive worlds of Dr. Seuss, Whack established her ability to take on different personalities with her debut album Whack World, released in 2018. The album consists of fifteen tracks, each only one minute in length. It’s considered both an auditory and visual project, as it’s paired with a 15 minute music video that visualizes its scenes entirely.

Whack’s most recent single, “Unemployed,” epitomizes her keen sense of blending visual art with her sound  the vividly-colored, couch-potato cover art serves as a manifestation of her enemies who can’t match her clout. Whack disses challengers with her characteristic satire and eccentric style, perfectly weaving the connotations of her cover art through each lyric: “You’re overweight, you ate a soda (Yo) /  I’m super sober, you doin’ coke (Yo) / Coca-Cola (Yo, yo).”

Building on the success of her debut, Whack continues to establish herself as the queen of idiosyncratic formatting. Since Feb. 19, she has released five singles one per week that all fall under the umbrella of what she titles #WhackHistoryMonth.

With “Unemployed,” Whack continues to trailblaze a path for unconventional rap and the creative expression of women in the contemporary rap space. Her recent merch design, which is a play on her last name, encompasses her approach quite perfectly: Weird Hype And Creative Kids. Whack is on the come-up, and she’s changing the norms for female rappers. Sit back, and watch Tierra Whack take her throne.

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