Poking her head back out of the water and hailing from the land down under, Sia comes back with new single “Alive.” Co-written by Tobias Jesso Jr. and Adele, the track’s original intent was for placement on the latter’s third album. “Alive” was given to Sia then to Rihanna, then to Sia once again. What does all of this credit trading leave the listeners? To be frank, not all that much.




Monkey Puzzle Records

“Alive” is very unsure of itself; it is at once a harmonic pad for Adele’s vocal showing-off and a slick pop tune for Rihanna, all with a strange hint of Sia. A song to be played on the radio several times until it’s worn out, “Alive” won’t last. It would be remiss to assert that “Alive” is bad – it isn’t – however, it’s only about as good as all of the music from which its sound is derived. While I do enjoy the skidmark squeaks that punctuate the notes at the top of her vocal range, Björk did it better, and 22 years ago. It’s not going to kill you to listen to this track, but it sure isn’t changing anyone’s life.

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