It’s been nearly three years since P!NK dropped her last studio album, The Truth About Love. And aside from her collab album with City and Colour, she has been relatively quiet until … until now. She’s back and so is her singular sound.


Today’s the Day




This year marks Ellen Degeneres’s 14th season on air, and seeing that her and the pop star are close friends, it only makes sense that she would pen the show’s new theme, Today’s the Day. However, this song is much more than a catchy intro to an afternoon talk show. It’s loud. It’s fun. It’s inspiring, much like its singer/songwriter.


In typical P!NK fashion, the chorus soars up and away from the rhythmically spoken verses which pack a tongue-in-cheek punch of their own. Despite age and motherhood pulling the pop star away from her tough demeanor, lyrics “This kool-aid ain’t for me” and “I get so vicious when I don’t feel delicious” remind fans that the fire and eye-rolling still radiate from the “Blow Me” songstress.

Beyond the obvious self empowerment, the beats, delivery and bridge embody what a great pop song is. If you’ve been alone and bored in your bedroom, or are just looking for a song to score your fall semester, look no further. Today is P!NK’s day; Today is my day; Today is your day.

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