Just a few weeks ago, John Mayer dropped his first single in over three years. The artist debuted his track “Love on the Weekend” via Facebook live stream in which he also revealed that his 2017 album The Search For Everything will contain “more music than I’ve ever put out in any one year.”

Mayer has spent the past few years touring with the Grateful Dead spinoff band, Dead & Company, during which he met designer Jimmy Dean who helped him create an already-sold-out, “Love on the Weekend” themed T-shirt.

Like the tee, Mayer’s single is initially appealing and cozy. It sounds a bit like it should have been released as a soft, summer pop-rock single. The simple, chiming guitar chords echo throughout the track, giving it a dreamy depth. The country twang of 2013’s Paradise Valley pleasantly pervades “Love on the Weekend” — its hazy opening riff carries an August breeze into the gray winter work grind of its November release.

It’s an easy listen; accessible and honest with both its lyrics and calm strumming pulse. Mayer’s opening lines are relatable — a tad melodramatic, even. He sighs, “It’s a Friday, we’ve finally made it.” The singer ruminates on fleeting love — a love reserved for the unrealistic ease of the weekends. Aware of his willing submission to eventual letdown, Mayer sings “I hate your guts, ‘cause I’m loving every minute of it.”

“Love on the Weekend” is an intriguing introduction to John Mayer’s forthcoming release, which he described as “a record that is fully me.” 17 years after the release of his first EP Inside Wants Out in 1999, Mayer admits that on his upcoming album, “I’m borrowing from my own sound finally.”


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