Charli XCX is no newcomer to the pop scene, and she’s not pulling any punches in “After the Afterparty.” Featuring Atlanta-based rapper Lil Yachty, the song jumps from sickly sweet piano pop song to rampant party anthem in a matter of seconds. This is an unashamed, straight-to-the-point ode to partying all night and not regretting it the next morning. Similar in tone to Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop” (in fact, both videos are directed by Diane Martel), the lyrics capture the true essence of partying, albeit without the most quotable words.

The chorus is definitely the highlight, with repetitions of “we’re all in love” — destined to be repeated at many a house party in the next few months. Charli XCX’s voice is near-flawless for this kind of music; the harmonies and overlaying vocals really add to her appeal as the best party friend that you could want. Even Lil Yachty’s verse fits well, and the inclusion never seems forced, like many rap verses in pop songs do.

References to Rihanna and partying all weekend mean this song was likely never something serious. Charli XCX is known for her tongue-in-cheek electropop, and that’s just what you get from this high-energy collab.


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